Out of AppleCare Mac repair and upgrades

Although Mac computers are extremely reliable and built very well, they experience mechanical failure and data corruption just as their PC counterparts. Our highly competent staff has the experience to diagnose and fix your Mac correctly the first time. Years of dedication and training go into each Mac diagnostic and repair. When you send or bring your Mac to us, you can rest assured that your Mac will recieve the same quality and level of attention you would expect from Apple.


We offer a wide range of Mac repairs and upgrades including: MacBook and MacBook Air display repairs, iMac hard drive repairs, Mac Mini dual drive upgrade kit installation, Time Capsule hard drive replacement, Mac power supply replacements and many, many more. We offer limited data rescue and recovery services in  cases of software corruption, or accidental deletion of data. Did you get a new Mac? Let us assist you with migration of data from your old computer to your new Mac. Whether you're transistioning from Mac to Mac, or Win to Mac you can take comfort in knowing that all of your important files will be preserved.


If your Mac is out of it's out of it's AppleCare warranty, or simply not covered by AppleCare, give us a shot. Our experienced Apple Certified Technicians will be happy to service and repair anything that's wrong with your Mac. Our technicians use Apple Service Diagnostics, AppleCare HelpDesk Tools, Disk Warrior, and many more of the the same resources, the techs working Apple's Genius Bar use everyday. And what's more, is that our Mac repairs are all done "in-house." We believe that having parts on hand and keeping repairs in-house makes the repair process more streamlined and efficient.


Onsite Mac technical support when you need it


Some technical issues are of a nature that require our physical presence at your location. If you're experiencing networking problems, problems sharing files, or if you're having problems getting your Mac computer to print, help is only a phone call away. These are just a few of the Apple tech support services we offer. Our seasoned Apple specialists can help minimize your downtime along with the costs and financial impact that technical problems have on your day-to-day life and/or business.


Personalized Apple tech support plans for home and business


Schedule of Fees


$49/flat rate...Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod diagnostics (in-store only)

$95/hr + $49 service call...Onsite Mac workstation computers and all networking services and support

$120/hr + $49 service call...Onsite Mac OS X Server support

$115/hr...Remote Mac OS X Server support

$135/hr...In-house Mac data recovery (1 hour minimum is charged )


* client will need to provide us a storage device to transfer rescued data to, otherwise we will purchase an adequate storage device and charge the client


We can waive your diagnostics fees


There are cases where you may be having problems with your Mac and the immediate cause is simply unkown. A complete diagnostic is free with any service, or with any approved repair. If you choose not to have any repairs or service performed on your Mac, there is a $49 processing fee.


Additional Info for On-Site Customers


Our on-site hourly rates are billed in blocks of one (1) hour. On-site visits are subject to a one hour minimum. Once the minimum has been reached, rates are incurred in blocks of fifteen (15) minute increments. As a courtesy to you we will round down to the nearest fifteen (15) minute increment Abandoned equipment will be sold or otherwise disposed of according to the guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service policy

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