Hard Drive Data Recovery

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We can recover data from any size or configuration of drive. We can recover data from IDE, SCSI or SATA drives in any configuration. We can recover from 3.5” drives found in desktop computers, 2.5” drives found in laptops and micro-drives found in compact notebooks and cameras. The leading causes of data loss are:

  • Hardware or system failure accounts for 78% of all data loss.
  • Human error accounts for 11% of all data loss.
  • Software corruption account for 7% of all data loss.
  • Natural disasters account for only 1% of all data loss.
4mart  have the expertise, equipment and skill to recover your vital data in a cost effective and swift manner. The process that we follow is that we take the drive into our laboratory and within 4-8 hours of receipt we will have the drive evaluated to establish the fault classification and the process we need to undertake to retrieve it, We will then refer back to you with a full and comprehensive report outlining what's the fault , what needs to be done to get the information, how long it will take and a detailed breakdown of the costs. We have full expertise and so can do the whole range of recovery in house in a very short time frame.