Drop Off Repair Center

Have you shattered your LCD screen while rushing to an appointment as it fell out of your briefcase or purse
onto a concrete slab? Has your toddler drooled all over your MP3 player? Have you run over your teen’s PSP?
Did you drown your smart phone? Does your phone turn on but fail to work – looking like a blank slate? When
you visit us, one of our expert service techs will be pleased to troubleshoot your ailing phone or gimpy gadget
on the premises, and promptly provide you with a detailed estimate of what your repair will cost and how long it
will take. If your phone or gadget happens to be under a valid manufacturer’s warranty, we may be able to fix it
for you free.

Every 4MART® customer is also welcome to drop off their phone or gadget for timely repair. We’ll let you know
as soon as possible about when to pick them up.
As a potential satisfied customer, you should be aware that 4MART®’s inventory is vast – how vast? Think of
the grains of sand on a beach, and multiply by 2.5 and you’ll have a pretty good idea. Why is our inventory so
vast you might ask? So that we can efficiently service your needs – in other words – whatever YOU need!

Free Estimates
Receive free no obligation quotes for your HRM cell phone repair! iPhone repair, Blackberry repair, Android repair, Windows phone repairs - we do it all!

Unlocking of all Wireless Devices
Nobody likes being limited-we can unlock any
wireless/cell phone device for you to give you the
freedom you want!
Physical Damage Repairs
Drop your phone, run it over with your car? No
problem, we will fix it faster than it took to get to our
LCD and Lens Repairs
Nobody likes a cracked screen, bring it in and we
will replace your screen so it's good as new!
Liquid Damage Repairs
Drop your phone in the river or accidently spill a
drink on it at the hockey game? We will assess the
damage and get it back in working condition!
12 Month Warranty on all Repairs
We use quality parts and stand behind our repair
services-which is why we back it with a 12 month
warranty-That's half of most manufacturers

Largest Part Inventory in HRM
We carry almost every part for any cell phone in
HRM-Which means we will get you back to talking,
texting and easily navigating in no time!


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