Corporate Accounts

Is your company getting new phones or need repairs on existing phones?

If so, use our expertise and knowledge of the industry to help choose the best options for you and your firm.  Genius Phone Repair not only offers service on your mobile technology, but consultation of what your company would benefit best from.

Benefits of Using 4mart Phone Repair

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Quick and Easy Service On All Devices
  3. Local Business Helping Local Business
  4. Direct and Easy Service With Your Own Personal Sales Representative
  5. No Information Transfer or Data Loss
  6. Quality Repairs and Fast Turnaround Times
  7. Replacement and Back Up Devices Available

Do not throw away anymore money on getting the wrong devices, expensive and unnecessary insurance plans, or under-par protection.  We have you covered. It doesn't take a Genius to see it.


Insurance vs. 4mart  Phone Repair


  Insurance 4mart Phone Repair
Monthly Fee $7-$10 Average/Month Zero Monthly Fee
Deductible $100-$250 Deductible None. You only pay for the cost of the repair.
No Insurance Sorry, buy new device at full retail cost. Diagnose, repair, and/or credit towards replacement device.
Wait Time 2-5 Business Days + Data Transfer time. Most repairs are done same day with no loss of data.
Local Business Refurbished devices sent from overseas. Repair YOUR device in-house.
Customer Service Large carrier or busy account representative. Always available and locally designated sales-rep.
Pick-up & Delivery Service On company’s IT director to take care of. Pick-Up and Delivery Services available to eliminate time loss.



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