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We offer LIFETIME warranty on most repairs completed by 4MART Cell Phone Services, based on date of purchase in shop or shipping date for mail orders. This covers only the specific repair(s) we made and does not cover liquid damage repair. If you find that the same problem persists after the repair, you can return it to us within the warranty period for a warranty repair free of charge. You will need to fill out a service form

and submit a copy of your original payment with the phone.
Please note this limited warranty does not cover cosmetic or liquid damage; devices repaired elsewhere; devices we did not repair; damage caused by misuse, improper handling, neglect, accident, dropping, liquid exposure, alteration or any other abuse. For example, it does not cover a replaced LCD screen or lens cover should it be broken or cracked again after the repair, as this can only happen by misuse, such as by dropping the phone. Our LIFETIME warranty covers only those repairs and parts installed by 4MART Cell Phone Services and is void if the parts have been tampered with or damaged due to the phone being taken apart by someone other than us. Any refunds are minus a diagnostic fee of $19.99. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Liquid damaged phones are subject to different repair conditions and are not covered by any warranty.
4MART Cell Phone Services inspects all devices for liquid damage.
Please note the condition of a cell phone or tablet computer may degrade before, during or after the repair process if the damage was caused by liquid (this is because liquid may still be present in the device and the simple fact of opening it may allow the liquid to move about and further damage the device). Our technicians are skilled in liquid damage repair, but cannot be responsible for any such damage or loss.
Due to the nature of electronics repair, 4MART technicians may not be able to find the hidden issues inside your electronic equipment. The inspection fee of $19.99 will still apply.
It is very important to backup your contacts, data, audio, video and picture files before submitting your cell phone for repairs. It is possible, and even likely in software repairs, that such files will be lost or reformatted during the repair service. 4MART Cell Phone Services will not be responsible for any such damage or loss.

4mart Care TM

There is nothing worse than paying to replace a screen on your smartphone and dropping your phone and breaking it again! In addition, we have been conditioned to accept that we live in a world that doesn't honor warranties. We all habitually buy an extended warranty with almost everything we purchase, yet, in most cases, when it's time to use the warranty the seller almost 'never' honors it. They look for excuses, or violations and we are left with no warranty, even though we paid for it! No more! You can rest assured that if we repair your phone. Now, let's talk about 4mart Care TM. 4mart Care is like a client focused warranty on steroids. If we repair your screen and you break it within 90 days, we will repair it again at a 10% - 50% discount. It's equivalent of you paying the cost of the part and receiving free installation. PLEASE NOTE 10-50% DISCOUNT DO NOT APPLY FOR SALE ITEMS.



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