Data Recovery

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We have the expertise to recover data from all types of Laptop and Computer Hard disk drives, including server RAID arrays and now have full recovery expertise in all types of smart media such as USB memory sticks and SD/XD cards used in cameras and PDA's . We have a fully kitted out clean room laboratory and have won a number of awards and patents and are highly regarded for our professionalism and skill.

What to do: If you have lost your Data or think you might have, it is wise to quickly identify that there is a problem and not do anything further which could make the problem worsen. If a hard drive is clicking, grinding, or malfunctioning, this may indicate internal damage and more use will only worse the situation in these cases we strongly advise that you immediately turn it off . Even if this is happening in many cases the entire data is recoverable as large areas within a very badly damaged storage device disk can be perfectly intact with the right care taken to recover it. We at Computers Unlimited have with our sister company been developing expertise in Data Recovery for many years now and we can succeed where others fail.

Data recovery falls into two categories: The first is recovery through the use of software tools. We employ very sophisticated and powerful software tools enabling us to recover files even if the storage media has had serious damage to the look up tables. This type of damage can be caused by virus infection, power failure during a write sequence, accidental deletion or formatting. These tools can even recover your data when Windows no longer recognizes the drive. These tools are suitable for all types of file system found on modern computers including WIN98 (FAT), Windows 2000/NT/XP (NTFS) HFS+ (MAC's) and Unix (used in servers). They can recover from any type of disk or solid state memory device and can be employed to Reconstruct damaged drives in broken RAID Arrays.

The second is recovery through the use of Hardware Engineering to physically “fix” the drive to a point where we can extract the data from it. This means that we need to repair some of the physical or electrical damage that's caused drives to malfunction in the first place back to a point where we can use our software tools to retrieve the data from it. We have a highly kitted out clean room laboratory and have invested heavily in the procurement and development of sophisticated tools and expertise to enable us recover from the simplest to the most serious kinds of damage. We have a number of awards and patents for this.
Hard Drive Data Recovery
We can recover data from any size or configuration of drive. We can recover data from IDE, SCSI o..